Bluetooth Advertising Software - How it works

Over the last years the vast majority of phones sold have been Bluetooth™ enabled because of the amount of applications Bluetooth™ can now be used for including the recent driving legislation. Approx 90% of people with Bluetooth™ will keep it switched on at all times.

This provides an immense marketplace for any business that can reach this target audience.

RoverSoft have launched new Bluetooth™ Advertising Software so that small to medium sized businesses can reach this audience within a 150 meter radius of there own business. It is completely permission based and abides by all recent marketing directives passed in 2007.

Bluetooth™ Advertising Software is a software that turns your laptop or computer into a bluetooth marketing system. Simply decide on what message you want to send out to prospective new customers and press "Discovery". The software will send out your message and give you a on going report that will tell you how many people have received and accepted it.

How it works:
  • Our bluetooth transmitting notebook (or PC) detects all mobile phones/PDAs/notebooks/other devices in its range(approx 100 - 150 metters)
  • Your transmitting notebook (or PC) try to send the advertisement to each found phone/PDA/notebook
  • Receiver either accepts or declines message from your transmitting notebook (or PC)
  • If "Yes" then receiver get your advertisement to his mobile phone/PDA/notebook. It's FREE!

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