Bluetooth Advertising Software - Solutions
Solutions for using Bluetooth™ Advertising Software
1. Shopping Centers
>a) The shopping centre can make use of its entrances and most crowded areas, sending promotional messages concerning activities within the centre; Bluetooth Advertising software Shopping Centers
b) The shopping centre can plan promotions of more than one activity within the centre (clothes shops, shoe shops, pharmacies etc.) as requested and communicate these promotions by sending an animated gif (sequence of animated images).
2. Airport, port
Within the building, the passengers can receive arrival timetable, advertising messages and more Bluetooth Advertising software Airport
3. Public Conveyances (bus, train, subway)
You have possibility to take your notebook in public conveyances and use it as device for sending of advertising to people, who are together with us in the bus, in railway carriage or who are together with us on general area. Bluetooth Advertising software bus
4. Tourist Centers, museum, exhibition
At that passing over well-known picture in art museum visitor has possibility due to Bluetooth™ Advertising Software to get to know when and who create picture. Passing over skeleton of prehistoric animal visitor can to get to know how and when was found this exhibit and many interesting things. It is very comfortably, when many visitors and has no a possibility to struggle forward information tablet. Bluetooth Advertising software museum
5. Theatre, Cinema, Sport
You can inform audience using Bluetooth™ Advertising Software about premiere a new film, film trailers, when will be next interval, whom sportsman perform next or where is buffet. Bluetooth Advertising software Cinema
6. Office / Company
Promote your companies news or announcements via Bluetooth™! Perhaps you've setup an internal newsletter or memo system and you are looking at a greener alternative? Why not use an office PC or laptop at reception so that as your staff come into work the latest company news is automatically sent directly to where they're most likely to read it? Perhaps you may even want to welcome and impress new guests or customers as they enter your building in a very innovative and ingenious way? Be compliant, why not send them your health and safety documentation or fire drill or evacuation procedure? Bluetooth Advertising software Company
7. Schools and Universities
It is estimated that 80% of 16-24 year olds have mobile phones, most of which will have them Bluetooth™ enabled. This means that Bluetooth™ transmission can be an excellent method of informing and communicating with students. An excellent use of Bluetooth™ marketing is during Fresher’s week, sending information to guide students around the campus by providing downloadable maps.
Another excellent use of Bluetooth™ is to get your institution noticed at careers fairs; in a sea of choices especially post 16, Bluetooth™ marketing provides a method to put your courses and offerings right at the forefront of the fair.
Bluetooth Advertising software Universities
8. Hotels
Hotel Map, room service, price lists, schedule, car parking and more Bluetooth Advertising software Company